Ava | Junior Achievement of Greater Kansas City

Ava | Junior Achievement of Greater Kansas City


“Before JA, I knew my family and friends believed in me. Now I know Ms. Megan, my JA mentor, believes in me too.”

“In Junior Achievement, our class had to pick a future career and research more about it. I picked zoologist, because I like learning new things and I like animals. Other kids in my class chose interior designers and lawyers. We also played lots of games and split into teams. JA was a lot of fun!

“I was excited and nervous to get up and talk on the stage at the Hall of Fame event. I had to say my name, how old I was and what I wanted to do when I was older. I said zoologist and veterinarian. It was scary going up there, but I learned a lot.”

“Because of JA, I’m more excited about my future because I understand it more. Other kids should do Junior Achievement so they can learn what I did, about what to do when you’re older.”

“I’m ready for what’s going to happen after school, and I’m thinking about what colleges I want to go to. I feel like I’m going to better in life now.”

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