Hawkeye | Junior Achievement of Greater Kansas City

Hawkeye | Junior Achievement of Greater Kansas City


As he sat through his first class at Mill Valley High School, Hawkeye Mitchell pondered what his future career path might be. He uncovered a burning passion for finance when his teacher introduced Junior Achievement curriculum. “We dove into markets and that’s when I found my interest in the brokerage industry. The next year, I opened up my own brokerage accounts.” Taking what he learned from his JA economics classes, he leveraged money earned at an after-school program to grow his understanding of investments. “I was working almost 30 hours a week at Subway as an assistant manager. All my extra money I’d throw into my account and trade!”

His budding interest was bolstered by a JA volunteer. “Talking to Scott Phillips helped a lot. He’s in private equity. It was a professional exposure you’d never get as a high schooler otherwise. Having the opportunity to ask questions at that age was huge.” Pursuing his passion, Hawkeye also put his JA skills to work at the student-run-storefront, “The Catty Shack,” named after the school mascot, the Jaguar. “Running the school business gave me the confidence to communicate with people in a professional setting. The basic concepts are so rudimentary to the world around us, yet many do not get much business or financial acumen. To have that foundation from JA plus the additional hands-on experiences gave me an extra boost. After that, I knew I wanted to start a business someday. Junior Achievement is what ignited my entrepreneurial spirit.”

Now Hawkeye finds himself at the next crossroads of his career. “I just graduated from Fordham University in New York with a Bachelor’s of Science in Finance with a concentration in Business Law and Ethics. I’m starting full-time with HSBC in their corporate bank, rotating through desks within the global liquidity and cash management business.” Junior Achievement champions played a major role in equipping Hawkeye with the tools he needed for success. Hawkeye wants business leaders to know one thing: “There are a lot of potential business leaders and youthful, new perspectives out there. If you can foster that energy and passion at a young age, you’ll see that reward when those professionals come through your doors.”

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