Lirel | Junior Achievement of Greater Kansas City

Lirel | Junior Achievement of Greater Kansas City


Lirel Holt, the founder of CARSTAR, has been his own boss since age 21 – starting with his JA experience at Raytown South High School. JA inspired Lirel to create and launch CARSTAR and grow it to become the largest network of collision repair professionals in America. After incredible success growing, franchising and later selling CARSTAR, Lirel co-founded U, Incorporated, where he now has online training serving over 200,000 every year in the automotive industry.

“My favorite math teacher at Raytown South High School introduced me to Junior Achievement. I wanted to understand business, so I raised my hand. That year, I was the only student from my school who signed up for JA.”

“Once a week, my dad drove me to the meeting in Independence, MO, to participate in what was then called the JA Company Program. There, I met a mentor who changed the path of my life. By the second day of the program, I was hooked. Nobody else was learning these business concepts. The volunteer was a senior executive at a large department store and offered to be my reference when I applied for a job once I was 16.”

“Shortly after, that company offered me a job. I jumped at the opportunity to work in sporting goods and later the automotive departments, where I got a behind-the-scenes glimpse of an automotive business and where my JA curriculum would come to life.”

“Junior Achievement played a significant role in where I am in my life today. It gave me an early start and it means a lot to me and my family. Currently, I mentor other CEOs and businesses and enjoy seeing them on their entrepreneurial journeys. JA is helping me help future generations of entrepreneurs and I continue to pay it forward.”

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