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JA BizTown Components + Benefits

Student Benefits

  • Students play role of citizen, worker, and consumer in a diverse and choice-filled economy
  • See firsthand the importance of citizen rights and responsibilities with on-site elections and philanthropic opportunity
  • Build money management skills by spending, saving, donating, or investing their earned JA BizTown paycheck
  • Understand how business leaders in a variety of industries make decisions and interact with the Kansas City community
  • Essential skills including active listening, problem solving, brainstorming, collaboration, cooperation, creativity, and critical thinking

Curriculum Components

  • 14 teacher-led mini lessons
  • Standards-aligned pre-packaged program:

What Other Teachers are Saying:

“I’ve been teaching middle school for 20 years, and these students will be more collaborative, know how to communicate with each other, function as a team, find their strengths, and so much more than any other students I’ve had before. That’s because of JA BizTown®.”

“I can loop back to previous lessons in ways I haven’t done in years because of the JA BizTown® curriculum. Because of the student experience, they remember lessons like multiplication, percentages, among other tangible real-world skills I use in the future lessons.”

“Kids that don’t get to shine in the classroom get to shine bright at JA BizTown®, and that’s really impactful to see.”

“They felt like what they had learned and what they had done that day was important, and it was going to be a peek into their future. This hits a major goal of the simulation, knowing their skills and passions can come together for a career.”

JA BizTown Costs

Junior Achievement of Greater Kansas City makes every effort to keep JA BizTown costs minimal for school districts. Please refer to the table below to estimate costs to bring your class to JA BizTown. If this fee presents a significant barrier to your students’ attendance, please contact Elle Stailey, JA BizTown Manager, at estailey@jagkc.org. Junior Achievement cannot guarantee that any exceptions or accomodations can be made to reduce cost. 

Recent Outcomes of JA BizTown

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of JABT students agree that JABT helped them see new ways to solve problems
0 %
of JABT students agree that JABT helped them connect what they learned in the classroom to real life
0 %
of JABT students agree that JABT helped them learn to work with others
0 %
of teachers observed their students actively contributing to group activities during their time at JABT
0 %
of teachers observed their students applying real-world knowledge