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Volunteering with JA

Junior Achievement provides many kinds of opportunities for volunteers with different skills and availability.  Throughout the year there are classroom and field trip experiences, events and opportunities onsite at the Youth Learning Lab and virtually.

JA is most known for volunteer experiences that connect young people to volunteer mentors who teach them about entrepreneurship, financial decision making, and career preparedness. By sharing their personal and work experiences, Junior Achievement volunteers infuse real-world relevancy into traditional learning. Volunteers bring learning to life for students, helping them not only to better understand Junior Achievement lessons, but also helping them make the correlation between their education and the opportunities it provides.

“Volunteering at JA BizTown is a great opportunity to help children in the area learn how to navigate what career options are available to them and get a feel for what ‘the real world’ is like. You will get to work with a small group of students for half the day, getting to know them and helping them run their assigned business.”

-Savannah F.

“I left each class feeling energized and ready to take on my day after hearing the creativity of these kids. I had such a great time!”

-Christina H.

“We had a blast watching the students use their natural talents and engage in new ways of thinking. Thanks for letting us be a part of their special day, JAKC!”

-PayIt Employee Volunteer Group

Volunteering with JA FAQs

Junior Achievement volunteers help students build a solid foundation of important life skills and practice crucial real-world behaviors. In short, JA volunteers inspire kids to stay on the path towards a bright future. As a volunteer, you show young people what’s possible. For them. For their city. 

  • JA BizTown – attend a JA BizTown day from 8:30am-2pm working with students in a simulated city
  • Career Speaker – spend 30-45 minutes speaking with students about your career path
  • Classroom Coaching – teach students (K-12) in their classroom with JA curriculum and materials
  • 3DE Business Coach/Judge – work with 3DE high school students on their case challenge
  • Other Projects – special projects at the JA office or events

Volunteering opportunities range from 45-minute classroom visits to one-day JA BizTown simulations to event & office assistance. Both in-person and virtual volunteering opportunities are available. Check out the Junior Achievement Volunteer Hub page to see upcoming volunteer needs. Don’t see anything that meets your needs? Reach out to Sara Swearingen to build a custom volunteer experience! 

  • Training – you will be provided with guidance from a JA staff member and training materials to reference as you prepare for your volunteer experience.
  • Connection – you will build a relationship with a local educator who can answer questions you may have regarding your class.
  • Content – you will receive curriculum materials that will guide you as you teach students and show you the perfect times to share your own experiences.
  • Support – you will have a local staff member available to assist with issues and answer questions along the way.

No specific knowledge or experience is needed. Materials, subject matter and training are provided. You just need the desire to help local students succeed in their future.

Yes there are!

  • JA BizTown needs 20-30 volunteers every day that students attend
  • Multiple classrooms at schools can be taught by a group of volunteers
  • Contact us for customized special projects for groups at our facility

Yes there are!

  • Career speakers often have the option to be virtual
  • Some teachers prefer their classroom coaches to be virtual